Panel 5

Digitalization of African public administrations ;performance research and cybersecurity risk management              

1.Panel point and evidence 

Electronic Administration defined by the World Bank (e.administration) as being "public agencies using of information technology able to modify citizens relationships ;companies and other public agencies".

The technology goal is to open trust ;transparency ;simplicity and fastness in governement provided services to citizens.

Digitalization use was boosted by COVID-19 pandemic impact and public administration digital service customer request.

Information technology booming and Africa modern technology this past 10 years is public administration stroke of luck.

It is obvious enough that Africa was not part of the first and second industrial revolution ; it is wordly known that the third and fourth industrial revolution would not change the first outcome.Indeed ;Africa remains an area of high digital consumption. 

With more younger citizens ;and an screen and digital "addiction" ; Africa is the ideal ground for public administrations provided services complete digital transformation.

But how to make this possible ; for administrations knowing the upcoming challenges and implementing an pragmatic ; holistic and synergic approach for potential digitalization advantage resulting in an important structural and growing african economy transformation?

What are the traps ; pitfalls and restrictions to consider ; to establish an efficient digitalization to answer the citizens trust requirements?

How to stock ; structure ; analyze ; share ; spread the recovered and centralized data ; to receive and develop digital solutions advantageous to tax base expansion?

Digitalization key word is simplicity ; quickness ;availability and mostly citizens digital criterias.How to deal with this cybercrime threats in search of african administration increasing and transparent performances.

The 7th Edition of the African Congress of Accountant Experts that will take place in Ivory Coast on May 23rd wish to bring clear and precise answers to these central questions.There is an special panel dedicated to these informal sector and SMEs issues.

This panel will be composed of  ( 03) debate strategical points.The first point will discuss the accountant expert mission ; SMEs transformating actor.The second point should be based on reflection regarding the structuration of informal sector ; very small entreprises and SMEs in Africa to answer the continent specific expectations.Lastly ;the third point will be on SMEs taxation.In this area ; there will be an discussion about the challenges and consequences of African countries political taxes in terms of SMEs by highlighting the significant similarities and differences.

The panel approach will be conducted through the areas below.


These panel goals are classified as follow :

2.1. General goals

From an overall standpoint ; the implimentation of this panel is to :

Getting the public administration to understand digitalization and the acountant professional contribution ;

Create an strong data policymaking and set up an digital political transparency by adding professional accountant opinion and public administration digitalization achievement goal ;

Show professional accountant competencies in cybersecurity issues and prominent clients retention ;

Continue african economy tax base expansion through integrated digitalization ;

Encourage professional accountants in developing public administration innovated support deals.

3. Expected results

Having an digitazing administration structured proposal approach ;

Suggest an challenged and restricted pragmatic method for an creative digitalization ;

Recommend groundbreaking solutions for ;tax base ; digital expansion ;

Identify cybercrime risks and offer management solutions.

4. Speaker profiles

The speaker tone is in correlation to the terms and conditions of section 6 "Call for Papers-Reference Themes -ACOA2023(French Version)"

However ; in order to get the overall viewpoints on this panel discussed questions ; the speakers should be :

-Leading african digital transformation public administration director or an department senior executive responsible for african country digital transformation ;

From his observation point ; the administration representative should be able to indicate various african administrations retained and digitalization compared approach method ; major challenges and restrictions ; increasing size revenue incorporation and cybersecurity risk control.

He will be explaining administration expectations regarding accountant profession in support of political digitalization and tax base expansion.

-Accoutant professional digital transformation awareness and particularly public administration.

For the accountant expert ; it will be an profession contribution presentation in political performance research of public administration digital transformation and more so how ; essentially ; tax base expansion crucial contribution can be helpful to cybernetic risk control.

-Specialist in cybersecurity and personal data protection

He should share his empirical knowledge ( but also theorical) of the issue based on some made researchs about one or multiple similar topics.

This viewpoint should help open the thinking range of accountant experts.

-Specialist in information system urbanization and public sector preference field.

Questions on public administrations digital transformation hollistic approach should be resolved.He will be focusing on challenges ; restrictions ; " GtoG" and " BtoG" information systems interoperability ; critical steps not to miss and pitfalls to avoid in order to reach digitalization overall goal that is simplicity ; quickness and openness.

This speaker could help accountant experts in pointed public administration contribution guideline tax base expansion