Panel 3

Shift in economy and quality of financial information 

1.Specific context

In modern joined up and competitive economy ; information has an capital role.

Futhermore ; financialization of economy through financial markets and capital markets in developed countries is based on the accessibility of financial information and therefore the producing actors are vital part of the process.

In Sub Saharan Africa ; the informal sector remains en essential component of most economies ; and is GDP contribution goes from 25% to 65%  and represents 30% to 90% of non farm employment.

Many studies have found financial information to be an essential factor for sucessful economy transformation.The accountant profession is responsable for this work.

It is the cause for congress consideration to determine the coorelation between quality information and economy change.

2.Key expectations 

The set up of all political ; social ; economic mechanisms build economic growth and promote in an specific economical companies development and population well being.

In an specific way ; sub saharan economic progress does not include the formalisation of informal sector only.Africa is now an reservoir of raw materials that is used to supply European ; American and Asian states industries.

According to the United States Organisations ; African population residents will increase from 1.15 billions in 2022 to 2.09 billions in 2050.If African economy is impacted by raw industrial or handcraft material process engagement ; this large population will be unemployed.

In doing so ; sub saharan countries needs to be embracing the promotion of all companies ( major national and multinational corporations ; medium sized; small and very small entreprises ) in order to provide the overall activities productions ; distribution and services.

To proceed in ; operating and developing entities ensuring the business projects ; it is significantly important that States control ; distribution and financial information products reinforcements.

Through this subtopic ; it would be of great convenience to :

Enumerate the States economical and social context as well as their challenging isuues ; 

Define economical transformation ;

Define the linking cause between financial information production and economy transformation

Define the classification of concerned information ; 

Define the information production ; control and releasing method ;

Define this procedure independant accountant mission 

3.The expected results

At the end of this subtopic presentation ; the panelists should be able to:

Instruct this profession in African countries contex ;

Give their approach and key parameters on economic transformation ; 

Identy the coorelation elements between african economy transformation and financial quality information ; 

Give the classification of financial information and their impact on companies activities ;

Define the independant accountant mission in the built information approach ; their control and elaboration.

4.The speakers profile

An economist speaker focused on development and previsions.He needs to be an African continent expert

He should be able to have a good knowledge on african economy transformation ; worldly rank and potential evolution for open discussion.He will highlight the key parameters ; the methods as well as the right actors for this execution.From an macro economic viewpoint ; he will pintpoint the type of financial quality information to secure to reach the development goal.

An speaker ;operator on financial market and capital information

It might be about an financial expert from stock market information exchange to primary and even secondary markets.From his view ; he will instruct us on quality financial information interest on capital markets investments.

It might also be about an expert from an investment fund or capital risk.He also deals at first hand on ; financial information that it at the top of all his investments decisions.

An expert on micro or mesofinance

This expert adresses financing questions for SMEs entreprises.

Micro or mesofinance actors ; by their closeness with SMEs ; can influence on their structure as well as their funding.

He will inform us on their needs in financial information and their expectations regarding the information disclosure and spreading.

An accountant expert

This accountant expert ; should have an large experience in companies assistance as well as accounts checking.

He will instruct the audience on his built practices and control of financial information.He will formulate his expectations regarding his clients ; and the States for an greater development of SMEs ecosystem.

Lastly this accountant expert should have practiced in editing organisation accounting standards or accounting practices regulations.This expertise will allow him to enlighten us on normalization and adjustment on procedural norms of economical environment regulatory information.